True and false contrast of Adidas yeezy 500

First of all, appreciate the whole, is it difficult to see who is true and false?

Do you see those differences here?

The adiPRENE logo on the middle layer of the fake is consistent with the actual midsole design itself, while the market fakes play inconsistent materials.

The fake truck needles on the market are quite rough, and the genuine ones are around the suede burs. The overall is very comfortable, and the fakes are very unsightly.

The splicing of fake suede is slightly different, and the cutting is also different.

The color of the upper of the upper is a difference in color.

The material of the tongue is two materials

Under UV black light, you can clearly see how the artificial leather plate glows under UV black light under UV black light, and the genuine light is not illuminated.

Authentic and fake soles uv, and put them under UV black light, this is what you will see. On the insole from a real pair you will see how the “YEEZY Adidas” print has a two-tone look, but the fake pair on the printed insole is still a solid color.